One of the many pitfalls that lead to a monotonous life and marriage is the failure to discover the story you’re living within.  This idea has always been my guide that directed an enormous change in my life, in our lives. Somehow by God’s will, my actual married life has been rejuvenated from was then weathering to near downfall.

That was in the middle of 2004 when I first landed in Dubai, UAE to join my husband, we were then newlyweds when he left to work abroad, though few months later I was able to be with him leaving behind a stable job back home. It was a sudden change of culture and totally different atmosphere. Nonetheless, I thank myself for being versatile and I was able to adapt too easily with the new place. At the outset, we planned to have a baby very soon but it didn’t come as expected. A year came so slow that I began to get sick of boredom being a stay at home wife that I decided to work. I got an 8 months job in a small company which I considered a training ground for a work experience in the Gulf  which is usually required when applying for a job. Eventually, I got a better job, a better package from a prestigious multi-national company of which I stayed for 4 years.

Morning after morning, we begin the same routine, the same job, the same chores, only to go to bed and repeat it all the next day – the next week – the next month.  Life to us used to be a series of boring routine.  While life has been so busy in a city which is known to be then the fastest paced and well developed city in the gulf, we are shaken with the fact that something’s missing, despite owning the right gadgets, car, a comfortable pad, clothes and everything we need. A sinking feeling that no one can relieve but a child of our own to fill in the widening gap between us, husband and wife which I think is normally being encountered by childless couples. We argue a lot, and in the heat of the argument, it can be so hard to resolve the issue of conflict. One thing I’ve learned, if you marry someone who comes from a different family, with different experiences of relationships, with different beliefs and opinions, it can be hard to make it work. However, I do believe in the saying “the course of true love never did run smooth” do I sound to be scape goating? Honestly, for five long years we’ve been in love like a couple of a cat and dog but I never did lose the hope of a one happy family coming our way so soon ~ composed of a father, mother and a son.

And so through the course of those years, I never stopped searching for the best specialist in my home country and abroad where we are residing during those years. I and my husband have undergone numerous infertility tests/procedures and IVF was the last thing in our mind. Until only end quarter of 2008 I have come across an article from a local newspaper featuring a hospital offering a high success rate of IVF treatment TAWAM HOSPITAL in Al-ain, which is a part of Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Trying our luck we’ve gone for consultation however, we were only given a 30% possibility rate as based on their records which only means that for three couples only one will come out to be successful. Holding on with it was like a gamble considering that it would cost us empty handed yet unsure of a positive outcome…and so be it!


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