Let me give you an idea of the procedure, I know your curious on how did I surpass with the most stressful stage of my life. In December 2008, I’ve underwent polypectomy and D & C a minor surgery to eradicate the polyps around the endometrial lining so as to ensure a healthy growth of the planted embryos.

End week of January 2009 the treatment procedure started on the 2nd day of menstrual period and it lasted for three weeks. The first two weeks I was receiving hormonal injections to stimulate my egg production. In my case since Tawam Hospital is almost two hours drive away from Dubai, I had to ask a nurse nearby to give me the shots so we need not to see the doctor every single day. She’s a good friend and we are really very thankful of her kindness. Though I was required to see the doctor on weekly basis to check how the eggs are developing during the injection therapy. After two weeks when my eggs were fully developed, they were removed under general anesthesia and have collected the best four eggs. While my husband has to collect his sperm cells and give it to the laboratory for preservation. The cells were then fertilized into embryos on the second day. On the third day, embryos were placed back inside my uterus. I was really scared about the surgical procedures but I had no problems at all. There was pain yes but tolerable, no blood, unbelievably for myself I was just fine. I and my husband saw our embryos on a computer screen while it is being implanted and there as it swims inside my uterus. As a hospital rule they put only two embryos to avoid risky multiple pregnancy, but then two to make sure that at least one would develop successfully. After the implantation procedure I was required to rest for an hour before going home as again, it will be a long drive.

The next day again was a normal one for me driving my way to work, doing the household chores at home and everything as if nothing had happened. Only after two nerve-racking weeks of waiting we’ve got the result positive. Trying the test pack at home was a trembling experience; I can’t believe that I can see two lines for the first time. And to confirm if it was really happening, we’ve rushed to the hospital for a more viable test.  Yes, we’ve got it on our first try, thanks to an amazing technology coupled with prayers and faith in God, nothing will be unattainable!

Our special thanks to the staffs, nurses and doctors of Tawam Hospital in Al-Ain, to our good friend Madam Vivian and Milene who had kindheartedly assisted us on this life changing journey.

What about you? If you are childless would you try IVF or just wait for the nature to take its course?


4 thoughts on “IV. THE IVF PROCEDURE

  1. hello im belle maybe i can ask you some other time when i needed cause i been married just two years this coming DEC we been far apart for the meantime cause he just process my papers for me to enter in his country,I’m a Filipina married to a foreigner we haven’t yet kids from now.im planning to have next year cause im been getting older now ,that’s my big fear to having pregnant in that ages (40)i do worry maybe i couldn’t make it to bear a child in that age, hope you can help for this thanks lucky mom

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