It’s been a decade and a half since Tatay passed away and holding on to his image in my mind is the only picture that I have. As Father’s Day is being celebrated, memories of funny stories, special family moments, his achievements and the most is his attributes that made him a lovable father lingers in my thoughts.

He may not be a wealthy man to give us the comforts of life but he never cease to find means to provide the needs of the family. I remember mishaps occurred to our family on several occasions, he got unemployed and nanay has to work away from home to earn a living as an elementary school teacher at a remote barrio. He played the role of a mom to all of us his three kids…wakes up early morning to cook, bathing and feeding us before going to school, cleaning the house, washing & ironing our clothes and at the same time attending to his small sari-sari store. Our neighbors would actually call him a “houseband” but he never cares. Those times and even now, I should say that I can’t compare him with anybody else in the neighborhood as he was unmatched, i haven’t encountered a father like him in my whole life no one else can do such, I believe.

In good faith, his time to rose again came and got employed by chance as he entered the world of politics, that was when Marcos was ousted from presidency. As a believer of Ninoy he stood to fight for the principles of the Liberal Party. Through politics, he made a name of his own and had served the LGU in our locality. However, along the way he suffered a complication of several ailments but had chosen not to go on any further medication as it would cost a huge amount of money. He died of cardiac arrest, he passes away again thinking not to burden us his beloved family of any financial constraints.

Yes, any man can be a Father but for me it takes someone like him to be a TATAY. He’s gone many years ago, and yet when something special happens to me, I utter words as if talking to him not really knowing whether he hears, but it makes me feel better to half believe it.

Tatay is full of wisdom… that i would always be proud of as I am his daughter, his living replica! Happy father’s day Tatay! You will remain to live in our hearts…I love you TATAY!

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