I would like to share my own IVF success story to give hope and enlighten those childless couples. I should say: Never give up! You will be blessed!

Who among us hasn’t experienced that knife-in-the-stomach physical pain when she sees a new baby, just wishing it could be hers? This was something that I personally had experienced frequently, especially since we started trying to get pregnant at the early stage of our marriage – I was then at age thirty one and was unsuccessful for five years. Me with ovarian polyps and my husband with low semen volume, we tried several treatment options but none of which worked.

Finally, we were ready to move on to our last option the IVF process in January 2009. By the way, IVF (in vitro fertilization) – is a major treatment in infertility by which egg cells are fertilized by sperm outside the womb. With the help of our professional and kind doctors we have a successful cycle that resulted in two embryos being transferred to my uterus. To our amazement both embryos took and I have had a fraternal twin pregnancy. We feel very blessed that our IVF journey went smoothly, while other couples had tried several cycles and failed.  I remember my husband proudly breaking the news to our family and friends that we’ve had a good deal of it “buy one take one” as he call it.

Until the fourth month when my OB had announced that one twin was seen to be vanishing as it didn’t develop well as compared to the other twin. I had a hard time accepting it but of course God has his good reason and so His will be done.  Except for itchy rashes all over my body from the 4th month to 7th month of my gestation and pregnancy blues everything went well. Thanks God! He had guided me all along my way to work and home while driving, giving me strength to outlast the morning sickness and sleepless nights while nurturing my skin allergies.  And since I had the vanishing twin syndrome the whole gestation period has been closely monitored through regular scans and ante-natal appointments. This is to ensure that the baby develops at the correct rate and to avoid any signs of complication for the baby and mom.


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