Sean ~ before and after the making

It has been a dream come true for me to be a mother. I still can’t believe that I have SEAN now calling me “Mommy” all day long.

Motherhood didn’t come easy for me, however after five long years of fervently hoping on countless procedures, that dream turned out to be astoundingly true as manifested by the significant semblance of this two images. I was not even conceiving yet when i dreamt of this cutie baby in pink, copied from a website and pasted it as wallpaper in my PC, made it as profile picture in all of my networking page. My closest friends did even asked me if that baby was a nephew or a relative, with certainty I’ve always claimed him to be “my future baby”.

And look at SEAN at twelve months! …… Is it what they call a co-incidence?


7 thoughts on “V. A DREAM COME TRUE

    • thank u Aya! I am suppose to have two also, but the other one was a vanishing twin, t’was just fine we are very happy with our cute little man now…blessings!!! thnx God 🙂

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