My Untold Story of Ube Halaya …rather Beetroot Halaya

Raw Beetroot

beetroot - steamed & peeled, grated, boiled as in halaya

Was craving for Ube Halaya a week before New Year and presto…i’ve gone to the supermarket to find some ube roots and for the first time had seen bunches of it. On second thought i asked an elder kabayan: “Ale ube po b eto?” and she retorted back with a smile, “Yes it is”. So glad I got it and planned to prepare it during the new year’s eve so we could have something special on the table.

Got hold of the best recipe for Halaya, then i’ve started working on the dish from steaming, peeling, grating, then boiling it with butter, milk, cream and all. To my dismay it didn’t get thick as expected, tried to boil it again for an hour but of no avail. In short I’ve done everything for more than two hours, got some burns on my arm as it spells and pop out from the casserole to my arm while mixing as it boils. Desperate of what happened to my ube halaya i’ve turned off the heat then browsed the internet to find out what roots had i bought.

Oh my it wasn’t an UBE (purple yam) it was a BEETROOT!!! There and then only I felt so tired, that was my longest, exhausting and yet frustrating moment at the kitchen ever, an unforgettable experience I should say…hahaha!!!

By the way beetroot is also known as the garden beet, it is a sweet, maroon root vegetable. Beetroot is a healthy, low-calorie food filled with fiber. It is known to help improve health conditions such as high blood pressure. The leaves of the red beet can also be eaten.

Here ends my story of Ube Halaya & Beetroot, only now did I find time to tell the story in details that I can laugh without being annoyed… and had uttered to my self – “now you’ve learned a lesson”, a lesson worth all the effort, time and money i’ve wasted though…hehe!


2 thoughts on “My Untold Story of Ube Halaya …rather Beetroot Halaya

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  2. it is frustrating…i have called a couple of asian market and and was told yes they have the ube…drove 30 min from home only to find out its this beetroot! why do people say its ube when its not ube frustrates me to no end…lol at least i can laugh at it this time. thank God i know what Ube looks like so im able to avoid what you had to go through before finding out its beetroot:-).
    thanks for sharing your story…it made mine lame in comparison lol.

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