Laing or Taro Leaves in Coconut Cream



After a few years, I tasted again the gabi leaves with coconut cream, I missed the taste so much. My grandma also used to cook this dish for us since we had plenty of gabi plants in our farm. You may want to try this authentic recipe for laing from Leyte. We don’t saute the ingredient. we simply boil the coconut cream with all the meat, ginger, (or if you are using fish or shrimp or dilis) that we use together with garlic and chili pepper.We only use only the first extract of coconut (kakang gata). After the first boil add the gabi leaves, put the heat on low fire and let it simmer and cook for at least an hour. Once the coconut oil comes out and incorporates with the gabi stir one time and add a teaspoon of salt and msg.

As for this time since we can’t find any fresh or even dried leaves here, we have to buy it in can from any groceries here selling Filipino goods. It’s the “Moondish Laing” in can containing 155 grams which is readily cooked, but I usually recook it in a few minutes by boiling half a cup of coconut cream and pre-cooked pork belly slices before putting the “laing”. Adding a pinch of maggi magic sarap and a little garnishing of spring onion leaves and hot red chili, would create a taste just like the “laing” that I used to eat when I go home to my very own native place. You can try this easy way my fellow overseas kabayans, I assure you of of a good and satisfying meal and can even be best when served with fried fish or “daing” other than steamed rice.


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