Minatamis na Kamoteng Kahoy

In the Philippines, “kamoteng kahoy” or “cassava”, in the Visayas known as bilanghoy or balanghoy is used in almost any dessert, like the tapioca pearls or “sago” which we incorporate in “ginataan”. The freshly grated cassava can also be made into bibingka, cake, pichi-pichi, nilupak or suman, a delicacy which is wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed. But the simplest way we eat this root is boiling them in water with a little bit of salt and then when the flesh is tender, we eat the cassava with freshly grated coconut and sprinkled with sugar. It can be eaten as breakfast or can be served as a snack at tea time (merienda).
For today’s merienda, I made it into something sweet with the intent of preserving it in the fridge for two or three days. I remember my grandma used to cook this when particularly it is good to eat during rainy days. For me it is a comfort food, that I was missing for a long time. You may find the easy recipe below:

Minatamis na Kamoteng Kahoy


  • 3 pcs. medium sized Cassava,
  • 2 cups concentrated coconut milk (or 1 big can)
  • 1 cup light  brown Sugar ( or as many as desired)

Cooking Procedure

  1. Mix the coconut milk with sugar in a casserole and cook cassava in the mixture. Make sure that the calamay is well melted, It will give a brownish color on the cassva
  2. Serve if the cassava splits, and when coconut milk & sugar creates a thick sauce.

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